Brian McGuire

Brian McGuireBrian McGuire is an enthusiast, thought leader, and champion for alignment of Marketing and Sales to drive effectiveness of firms’ commercial efforts. As an engineer, Brian firmly believes that process discipline and Lean Six Sigma are as at home in the Marketing and Sales departments as on the factory floor. He has spent his career in process engineering, sales, marketing, and communications. This breadth of experience gives Brian a unique perspective on the gaps which can exist in a company‚Äôs ability to tell its story across the spectrum of high level brand positioning and one-on-one conversations with prospects and customers…the commercial conversation.

Brian is the Senior Director of Marketing Communications for ADP‘s Added Value Services division. Prior to this role, he led the Communications function for GE Energy’s Power Generation Services division. Earlier roles, with increasing responsibility, at GE, ExxonMobil Chemical and Eastman Chemical in Sales and Marketing have helped Brian develop a point-of-view and vision for Sales and Marketing alignment.

He blogs, publishes, and speaks from his own experiences, research, and observations about the challenges B2B firms face as they connect their brand, their product innovations, and their capabilities to the needs and objectives of their customers.

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